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Robberies can happen anywhere


Robberies can happen anywhere from subway trains, on the streets, and even inside your own apartments. A competent source recalls a robbery case which happened on May 4, 1984 at around 10pm. It involved Lyman Green along with Harold Vizian who came into the apartment of John Matlock in Long Island. Vizian was a former boarder of Matlock and as they entered, he offered him immediately an item to sell at $35. But after inspecting the vise, the victim said that he was not interested to buy it even if the price was lessened.

According to further research made by another expert, Matlock told the two to leave already but they refused and instead assaulted him as they demand for money. Vizian was the one who closed the door and just watched Green and Matlock argue. This was the point when Green threatened Matlock with a pen knife which he got from the victim’s own pants. As they were struggling, Green ripped off Matlock’s pockets to get his wallet and then eventually ran out of the place. Vizian already left the place by this time.

When both Vizian and Green were called by the police, they were both given the same level of conviction and charges. But the trial judge demanded that there should be further investigation on the case and the two should be judged separately which led to the acquittal of all charges for Vizian. The rep agreed on this decision as well for it was proven that Vizian did not commit any kind of robbery during the scene. He was there when the altercations happened but he was not directly involved. The only argument that the other side was pushing for is that Vizian may have been contributory to the opportunity given to Green to rob Matlock.

As per another study made by a prominent study, the thing that was questionable was the part of the story when Vizian even closed the apartment door to somehow make things private inside. This could be a probable action leading for Vizian to allow such a crime to happen. This could lead for him to be convicted of the crime of being an accomplice instead. But overall, the court did not see the presence of Vizian as a negative element to the entirety of the crime.

In short, the solidity of the presence of Vizian is established but he is not directly convicted to the crime of robbery that only Green committed. He may have been accessory to the crime by just actually being there but it was not to the extreme level of consideration. Overall though, there is an accountability to which Vizian must take responsibility of. Things could have turned out differently if he did not just stay on and watched the entire altercation happening before deciding to run off. This could be a great learning lesson for most of us when we find ourselves accidentally trapped in such situations.

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