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White collar crime and identity theft are such a huge problem in the United States that most people have become accustomed to taking basic precautions to protect their identities. However, often even the best precautions are not enough. Human error can play a role in the equation as well. Everyone needs to be diligent about checking their credit rating on a regular basis. The only way for a person to know what is on their credit reports is to obtain a copy of their credit report from each credit bureau every year. Sometimes, errors that are made on the credit report can be caught and corrected early enough to protect your credit score. Credit scores affect every aspect of a person’s life. One can even be fired or not hired at all based on the information that is on your credit report. So when an employee of one of the credit bureaus or a company that reports to the credit bureaus makes a mistake, then the repercussions can be long ranging.

That is what happened to a woman named Rachel, who lived in New York. She found out that there was a mistake on her credit report when her student loan was cancelled. She contacted the loan company and they told her that they had cancelled her loan because she was under a lien from AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. Rachel was confused, she had never had an account with AT&T nor had she ever applied for one. She was very confused. The lien was associated with her address, it even showed her social security number, date of birth, and phone number, but it did not have her name. The name on the lien was Raqul.

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