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Not all robbery cases are straightforwardly easy to judge


Not all robbery cases are straightforwardly easy to judge. It can be as intricate as any other sensitive cases such as that of the sex crimes according to one expert who has been handling severe cases of robbery since the seventies. A good example of this to let you understand it all the more is the case of Larry Fay. It was considered to be a weak case with the defendant insisting that the gun found in their car was actually planted by the police and this then would cancel the conviction of robbery placed upon them.

Such convinced the trial court to admit what the accused was fighting for and investigate more on what made the police stop them. According to a source, the first one that was called to serve as first witness was Office Sheehan. He said that they were called through police radio about a robbery that happened at around 4:30am on December 3, 1978. There was not any picture of the robbers given considering that the alleged crime has just transpired and that everyone is after the profile of two people who ran away on a car after committing the crime.

However, when further analyzed by an expert, he saw the entire trial as done fairly for both sides. It was of course permissible for the police to stop anyone who would pass by that scene which would be closest to the description that was given to them. It was found out that there were two men who made gunpoint robbery in a token booth at the nearest subway station. It was reported that around 4:15am, the details of the robbery report was being made which includes the possible description of the accused men.

When the police pulled a certain cab over and made the suspects go out, they found a gun in the waistband of one of the passengers. However, as researched by an expert, the victim of the robbery is unable to identify the said person but he was still charged with possession of a weapon. Larry Fay was very consistent with his fight that the weapon was truly planted by the police officers just to make the case short and closed immediately. His defense counsel only insists that the only solid evidence one can present to court would be the actual image of the alleged perpetrators.

The good point that the court was able to raise in this case is that this particular robbery case happened in a short period of time. It is understandable why there are not any sufficient proofs of the looks of the perpetrators or even the presence of other evidence. Everything just ends up simple: if at that short span of time, Larry Fay was with the gun at that particular moment, then he must have surely been the one to commit the crime; unless one would deem that it was all pure coincidental.

This case just proves the potential intricacies that any robbery crime can have when it comes to being fairly judged in court. If you want to have committed New York robbery lawyers who can help you out in such specific cases of theft or serious robbery, you can try visiting the Corona office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. They even cater to as simple as shoplifting cases which involve a lot of teenagers in our society these days. In such instances, they can also be able to provide you with a competent New York shoplifting lawyer who can be at your side at all times.

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