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Robbery cases can seriously harm a lot of innocent people


Robbery cases can seriously harm a lot of innocent people to the point of even having their lives be put at risk. And this is all because of utmost selfishness and the wicked ways that some people resolve to doing even if it puts them into the most desperate and most extreme measures. An expert takes into consideration the case which involves George S. He was convicted of a crime which involves murder of a 20 year old female who died of major injuries as her purse was snatched in a moving train.

It was further investigated by the expert who also studied the case that George intentionally wanted to rob the said victim. The whole story start with the victim by the name of Regina G leaving her home to buy a present for her brother’s birthday. It was the very same morning that S also met with his friend Samaniego by the subway. S said that George told him about his plans of snatching someone uptown. In short, it all led to a terrible tragedy with George snatching the purse of Regina which eventually caused the worse accident of having her legs passed over by a train. Her pelvic bones and legs were crushed that she instantly died after 11 days.

The move of the defense on the side of George according to a witness who was present during the case was to plead for insanity. They told the court that ever since the young age of six, George was already in the habit of stealing purses from train passengers who ride during the rush hour. With the psychiatrist evaluation, it was mentioned that George feels sad when he is not able to rob in a day. They wanted to prove that he had this compulsion of stealing purses and that he lacked the right sense of thinking when the said crime involving Regina happened.

In terms of the analysis made by a credible study, there was surely an expressed resistance on the side of the victim. Or else, it may not have ended up in such a terrible scenario. The main argument that emerged in this case is whether or not it was part of the plan of the accused to harm Regina in such a morbid way.

It is true and right that George be punished for being guilty of robbing Regina that day but it is not just to rule out that the moving train was one of the elements used by George to carry out his robbery plan. It is still safe to believe that he did not take advantage of the forward motion of the train to assist his plans of theft or to make his robbing process easier to do. In the end, it is still important that George pay for his criminal act which caused the life of an innocent woman like Regina’s to end.

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