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There may be situations that people may find a bit funny because of the circumstances involved


There may be situations that people may find a bit funny because of the circumstances involved. Nevertheless the seriousness of a crime as well as the threat that has already imposed to the victim is no laughing matter. A crime committed with the use of force, threat and coercion is considered grave when the crime has been completed. Take this case as a perfect example of such crime.

Sahib Singh, according to a Robbery Lawyer, robbed the complainant at gun point with the help of his accomplice. This was the charge against both of them, robbery in the first degree. However, Singh told the jury during the trial that it could not be robbery in the first degree because the gun was not loaded in the first place. That is why he and his lawyer contested to robbery in the second degree.

According to further reports that were gathered by a Grand Larceny Attorney, Singh’s accomplice testified during the trial for the people’s side that the gun was not loaded at all. Singh’s accomplice further testified that there was a third person involved in the said robbery. The third person was a certain Tenzin who gave the gun to Singh’s accomplice. Singh’s accomplice immediately asked Tenzin if the gun was loaded because he was concerned on how to handle the hand gun. To prove that the gun was not loaded at the time of the crime, Tenzin even removed the pin and opened the hand gun where the bullets are being placed. Singh’s accomplice saw that it was empty.

After seeing that the hand gun was empty, based on the findings of an expert , Singh’s accomplice handed the hand gun to Singh who in turn immediately pointed to the victim and robbed the complainant at gun point. After the robbery Singh handed the hand gun back to his accomplice who threw the gun in the bushes as they fled the crime scene. The hand gun was never recovered.

Because of this testimony the evidence against robbery in the first degree was very strong. There were lots of discussions amongst the jury because of this technicality on the issue of whether to indict Singh with robbery on the first degree or robbery in the second degree because the weapon used in the said crime which was a hand gun, was not even loaded.

At the end of the trial, Singh was indicted on both counts robbery in the first degree and robbery in the second degree. The lower court and the jury who heard this particular trial will leave the decision up to the Supreme Court for a proper decision.

Robbery is a very grave crime. It gives the victim fear for his life, safety and security. He also fears for his valuables and possession that he so rightfully has in his possession. That is why whether the weapon used, like in this case a hand gun, was loaded or not, this can’t be known to the victim therefore his or her fear is real at the time the crime is being committed.

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