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A family court in New York issued an order of protection against a father


A family court in New York issued an order of protection against a father after finding that the father committed two separate offenses of harassment. The order of protection prohibited the father from committing any acts of assault, stalking, harassment, aggravated harassment, menacing, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, intimidation, criminal mischief, threats, or any criminal offense, and from using any corporal punishment against his four minor children. The order of protection also directed the father to enroll in and attend a 26-week domestic violence program.

According to sources, the father is known to have a violent temper and is known to be a habitual drunkard. One night, the father came home drunk and started yelling and beating his four minor children. The night turned violent when the father stuck the face of his wife. As a result of that incident, the wife filed a complaint of domestic violence in a family court and asked for an order of protection to direct her husband to stay away from her and their minor children.

The marriage between the couple is marred with a history of violence. Since the couple married in 1990, the wife has repeatedly complained of assaults committed by her husband. As with the case of a battered woman syndrome, the violence becomes cyclical — with the husband committing the violent acts, and then asking for forgiveness, and the wife accepting the apology from her husband and accepting him back to her life in the hopes that the violence will never happen again. But the violence continues. Until the day the wife accepts her difficult situation and finds a way to get through it and start a new life, a life where she is safe and secure.

Acknowledging the far-reaching effects of domestic violence, several laws have been in place to protect women and children from further abuse. Not only are the wives the victims of domestic violence. Their children also become direct or indirect victims of the abuse. The community and the government also become affected by domestic violence because of their duty to ensure the safety of citizens. Government agencies are also tasked to jump in and take charge of the family’s affairs, especially in cases where both parents are determined to have neglected their children and are no longer capable of providing support to their children.

The Family Court Act specifically allows courts to issue orders of protection to prohibit the perpetrator from getting near the victim or their children. The FCA also allows courts to issue orders of protection to safeguard a child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. The FCA’s primary goal is to circumscribe domestic violence.

Being a victim of domestic violence affects everyone. Domestic violence results to a feeling of insecurity, fear and helplessness for the victims and those who witness it. If you are a victim of domestic violence or has witnessed one, and is contemplating of seeking legal advice to address it, please know that there are attorneys specializing in domestic violence who will stand by you and help see you through your case. These Attorneys can argue your side and make sure that you and your loved ones are compensated.

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