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New York Appellate Court Revokes Parental Rights in Light of Domestic Violence and Alcohol Related Issues


On May 5, 2011, The Department of Social Services, Otsego Counter, in Cooperstown, New York completed the decision that found a boy to be permanently neglected. The decision was not made lightly. The child was removed from his mother’s care in 2007 when his situation was brought to the attention of the Department of Family and Children Services. The child’s mother battled with several alcohol-related problems.

The Department of child protective services offered numerous services to this mother. They offered guidance and assistance to address chemical dependency, mental health referrals, parental education, and many other services offered in an attempt to provide and encourage an improved parent-child relationship. The caseworkers attempted to get the mother to make regular contact with the child. They advised her of the problem areas that she needed to work on so that she could get her child out of foster care and back into her own care.

The mother did not take advantage of any of the therapeutic options that were offered for victims of domestic violence. Because much of the issues in the home that caused the removal of the child initially was grounded in domestic violence, many domestic violence therapy sessions were offered including couples therapy.

The mother had by this time delivered her sixth child and had heart surgery. While some of her missed meetings and appointments could be explained by these health issues. Not even a majority of them could be accounted for in this way. The mother stated that she did not need any domestic violence counseling. Even after Social Services had repeatedly explained to the mother that certain steps were necessary in order for her to get her child returned, she failed to comply. She was told that her home was not in accordance with safety standards for a child.

Her child had been placed with her aunt in 2007. Social Services determined that since the child is in a stable and loving environment with his great aunt, that there was no reason to disrupt that situation. It was therefore determined that it is in the child’s best interest to be left with his great aunt.

The mother was notified on this date that the child would be permanently removed from her care and placed with her aunt. The mother’s parental rights were effectively permanently severed from this child.

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