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Defendant Appeals Robbery Charge, New York Appellate Court Decides


It is truly disturbing for ordinary people the crimes that are happening in our society today. You can never be sure anymore that you are safe inside your own home let alone out in the streets. Take a look at this particular case in which an innocent woman suffered indignity and humiliation on a regular night out with friends.

A woman, with her two friends were having a nice time at the Unger’s Bar. This was around midnight on September 10, 1983. The woman felt a bit hungry and went out to get something to eat at the restaurant next door. After ordering two hotdogs, she went outside to sit at the passenger’s side of her friend’s car because she didn’t want to eat alone inside the restaurant. According to a Lawyer, shortly after the woman began to eat a man, the defendant, suddenly went inside the car and sat on the driver’s side of the vehicle. He was already agitated and he spoke with so much anger at her that she did not understand while holding a knife at her throat. It all happened so fast that the woman could not understand what had happened.

The defendant was saying something about making the woman pay because of something her girl friend did to him. Frightened, all the woman could do was to ask the defendant for some explanation as to what had happened. But, according to reports gathered by a New York Grand Larceny Lawyer, instead of giving her an answer, the defendant pushed her down and blind folded her. The defendant then started the car and drove for what seemed to be forever. After about 15 minutes or so, they stopped. She later found out, after removing her blindfold that they were parked in a dark, unfamiliar street.

Based on findings gathered by a cop, the defendant ordered the woman to go out of the car. He then raped and sodomized her. Not contented with what he has done, he then told her that she could identify him and threatened to kill her. The woman begged for her life and told the defendant to spare her life and take her purse instead and go. The defendant then went back to the car and took all of her money and fled.

The defendant, during the trial was charged with rape, sodomy, robbery and unauthorized use of a vehicle. All of these cases where filed on the 1st degree based on overwhelming evidences. But the side of the defendant filed an appeal against the charge of robbery. The court had to deliberate the case because there were so many considerations before a crime could be determined to be robbery.

But whatever the cases may be, it was evident that a terrible crime has been committed against an unsuspecting woman for no reason at all. It is this kind of situation in our society that we sometimes fear for our own lives and for the lives of our loved ones.

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