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New York Appellate Court Discussed Juvenile Murder Charges


This is a very sad case about a juvenile offender in which a life had been threatened and killed. This case only goes to show the social problems that we are now facing with our children. This case is a call not only to parents but to all who are responsible in rearing the children of today.

Ricardo S, 15 years old at the time the crime was committed, was at the school yard of Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn, according to a witness. It was October 21, 1980 and it was clear day. Ricardo was seen approaching the victim. According to facts , Ricardo had a handgun and threatened the victim to hand over his gold chain which he wore around his neck. When the victim apparently refused to give his gold chain, Ricardo then shot the victim and then took the gold chain from the victim’s neck.

Upon seeing this, B and two other individuals who were acting as look out that day immediately fled the crime scene when they saw that the victim had been killed. The three later drove to downtown Manhattan where they sold the gold chain. They then spilt the proceeds from selling the gold chain.

However, during the trial, Brailsford admitted, when he testified for as state witness, he did not see Ricardo actually took the gold chain from the victim’s neck. He aso said that he never even saw the gold chain that was allegedly sold later. In fact, no witness has testified that they saw the defendant actually took the gold chain from the victim. This action or lack of gave a different light to the case filed against the defendant.

According to the jury of this case, based on facts , they found the defendant guilty of murder but there were doubts of the actual robbery because of the fact that no one can actually claim that they saw the defendant took the gold chain from the victim. It was even argued that instead of being charged with 1st degree robbery or consummated robbery, the defendant was charged with attempted robbery because of the lack of witnesses.

There were so many things that had to be considered in this particular case because of the fact that the defendant and the others involved in the said crime was under aged or juvenile at the time the crime was committed. Also there were discussions regarding the charges that can be charged to a juvenile offender which the jury was supposed to identify and specify the nature of crimes that a juvenile may be charged with.

These kind of unfortunate events wherein children and teen agers are involved are truly saddening. It is a reflection of the kind of society we are currently living in. That is why it is perceived that the streets are no longer safe because of the crimes that are being committed on a daily basis. Robbery seemed to be a normal happening nowadays and it’s really frightening specially if you have no one to turn to.

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