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Sometimes it works to be doubly cautious with the helpers we get to live with us in our own home


Sometimes it works to be doubly cautious with the helpers we get to live with us in our own home. This is the case that transpired with Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W as the victims and Frank C and Denise G as the ones convicted of the murder and robbery. According to the lawyer who studied the case, it was in June 1980 that G started working as a maid for Anna W and her husband Arnold. She was recommended by a neighbor in the Manhattan building they were living in.

The Ws as per the description of the expert who also analyzed the case, are already in their late 80s. After two weeks from the very first day that she started working for the elderly couple, her fiancé by the name of C was observed to be parking near the building where the couple lives. During the day of the crime, it was discovered that G left the door open so that her partner can easily trespass the unit. C then entered the apartment unit and used a knife to threaten the Ws.

Both at some point lost consciousness and just found themselves lying on the floor all tied up already. As per the facts gathered by another competent person, Mrs. W saw G and told her to call the police and to which the helper easily replied that she did already. However, someone said that at the same point in time, they saw C leaving the place as well. The police arrived finding C to be all tied up in the neck with a necktie and Mrs. W’s dress was al torn up. They were robbed of their jewelries including their gold wedding band.

Several hours after the said robbery, C was seen selling items and jewelries that match what has been stolen from the Weiners as researched by a New York shoplifting lawyer. To make matters worse, after just one night, Mr. W felt a deep pain in his chest and when he cannot tolerate the pain anymore, he was rushed to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away just after a few hours more. Mr. W’s doctor said that his patient has been suffering from obesity and also glaucoma. The heart attack that his patient suffered from may have been caused by severe stress or a high string of emotions.

It was not easy to determine whether this was triggered by the recent robbery and harassment that he and his wife suffered from. But the point of the doctor in charge is that this was possible. If there is one thing that is very certain about this case is that there was sufficient evidence that G was an accomplice to the crime. She clearly aided C to carry out his criminal plans to rob and even hurt the Weiners just because she left the door unlocked and gave easy access for him.

Nowadays, it can be an important reminder to double check on the backgrounds of the helpers or maids that we get and entertain inside our homes. To let you know more similar cases like this, you can contact the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates in Corona, NY. It is where you can get to talk with a credible New York robbery lawyer and help you become well informed of the facts with such cases. They have enough reliable New York grand larceny lawyers who can surely assist you in such legal proceedings if you happen to be a victim of such cases in your New York neighborhood.

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