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It is common for a lot of robbery cases to be accompanied with a crime of murder


It is common for a lot of robbery cases to be accompanied with a crime of murder. It is truly devastating to learn from a competent observer how numerous criminal cases such as this bombard the neighborhood of New York. A case that can serve as a good example for you to further understand how brutal robbery cases can turn out to be is the case of Jesus P. The victim, George G was on his way to his apartment building after seeing a movie, was approached by Jesus P with Robert F.

According to the details gathered by a study, the two suspects approached G to ask whether he lives in the building. But before he could even answer, he was already thrusted with a knife by P which was handed by F. Refusing to surrender, P did not stop pushing on the weight of the knife to further hurt the victim. When they found out that it was only a few dollars that they can get from G, they decided to let him go and leave with the money. But G was still stabbed the second time before he was totally let free.

According to a friend, this case is truly very simple. P and F assaulted and robbed G. But the thing that P was fighting for is the involvement of the assault weapon which is the knife. He is pleading for lesser sentence and conviction saying that he did not own the knife and that is was of Ferguson. And basing on the scenario that happened, it was Ferguson that handed him the tool; and hence he is making it appear that it could be that he was only triggered by his friend to harm G.

The use of tools to threaten as part of a robbery crime is very common even when it is just minor cases as observed by a source. P was very consistent with his intent to prove in court that his main intention may be to really rob someone that night but not to the point of harming them. He admitted that he was capable of robbing anyone even without the use of the knife that Ferguson made him use on their victim. P may have appealed for his convictions on robbery on the first degree and two counts of assault in the second degree plus the possession of weapon as misdemeanor.

Out of all these, there was only one that was recognized as valid by the appellate division of the court. And that is the inclusion of the weapon during the crime. It was proven that the knife was really the possession of F and that it was properly analyzed that he could never have done the assault if the tool was not handed to him. Many voted to dismiss the third conviction that was set upon his head eventually.

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