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This was a very unfortunate incident for Debra Pagan,


This was a very unfortunate incident for Debra Pagan, the defendant in this particular case, who rode a taxi cab one night and was charged with attempted robbery because of her very disturbing actions. It was also established that the defendant was also carrying what’s considered to be lethal weapon and deemed dangerous for everyone.

According to reports that reached a source, Debra Pagan hailed a taxi cab one rainy night of February 17, 2008 at the corners of 116th St. and Lexington Ave. According to the cab driver’s story, Debra approached the cab and asked to be taken to 109th St. and Lexington Ave. She also told the driver that seh only had $4.00 on her pocket and asked if he would accept the amount. Debra was aware that the minimum fare is $6.00. The cab driver agreed seeing that she looked a little sick and because it was cold and raining that night.

When they reached Debra’s destination, it turned out that she had more than enough money to pay the cab driver the minimum fare. She handed the driver a $20.00 bill and a $1.00 bill. But the cab driver said that he did not need the $1.00 bill anymore because he has enough change. He handed Debra exactly $16.00, sticking to the agreed fare of only $4.00. But Debra insisted that her change should be $17.00, forgetting or ignoring the fact that the cab driver already gave her $1.00 back. According to a report, when the cab driver pointed this out to Debra, she became angry for no reason at all. She also became agitated and screamed at the cab driver saying that he was confusing her.

Seeing that Debra was already acting strange and disturbed, the cab driver tried to return her $20.00 bill and just asked her to get out of the taxi so he can be on his way. But Debra only took the $20.00 and did not return the $16.00 change. She also refused to get out of the taxi. When the driver held out his right hand to ask for his $16.00 back, Debra threatened him and screamed and scratched the cab driver’s hand. After this, Debra tried to get off the taxi with a total of $36.00 on her hand. The cab driver immediately turned on the auto-door lock and said that he will just have to take her to the police.

According to reports, Debra even tried to threaten the cab driver with a very sharp folding knife that she pulled out from her bag. Fortunately the cab driver saw two police officers crossing the street. He got out and called them over. He told the whole story and the police went to see Debra still sitting at the back seat of the cab, money on one hand and the folding knife on the other. They tried to ask her nicely to step out and go with them. But she refused and had to be physically removed from the taxi.

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