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It is common to discover that many of our youths of today are the ones who fall into committing crimes of robbery that even start as simple as shoplifting according to a New York shoplifting lawyer. The case that can help you unravel it out all the more with the assistance of an expert would be that of Andre Garcia. The factors that were included in his crime of robbery include that of the use of illegal drugs. In the robbery crimes that he was involved in, the victims never really saw a gun displayed but they saw that the defendant was holding something inside his pocket. There was even once instance that one of the victims thought it was a knife.

With further investigation, the source who was also there during one of the trial hearings that it was a starter pistol under the possession of Garcia. He placed it against the body of the victims so as to threaten them and give in to his demands easily even if his pistol is not capable of discharging any bullets. It was between the months of April and May in 1989 that he committed numerous robberies within the area of Washington Heights.

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