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Can a Person Be Convicted of a Crime Where They Weren’t Present? New York Courts Decide


There are so many different ways a crime can be committed. One of these crimes wherein different “artistic” means can be done in order to succeed in their intention is robbery. It is almost a daily occurrence in some parts of the country and the world as well. That is why the United States court of law is ever determined to make the law applicable to everyone and every possible case there is.

This is what supposed to be a “common” bank robbery. According to a Lawyer, the defendant went to a branch of Manufacturers Hanover Bank at the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and Hollis Court Boulevard in Queens County teller at around 1:30 in the afternoon on July 3, 1981. In fact it is very important to note that the teller was the only witness of this particular robbery.

As the defendant approached the teller, according to facts presented to a witness he was in fact very casual and displayed no odd behaviour. He then handed the teller a piece of paper with a note that read “Important. Follow to the letter. Smile as you work. I am a soldier for the People’s Court, Black Liberation Party, trained to die for the cause. Do not panic and no tricks. Your life and others are in jeopardy. I have a bomb and demand the sum of $15,000. No one’s. I will look in bag. No tricks. We know where you live. Move now. Time is very little.”Becasue of the obvious threat of the note the teller was caught off guard. However the teller informed the defendant as calmly as she could that there was no $15,000 on her cash register at the moment. She then handed the robber $200 which was the only money that was with her.

After handing the money the defendant then walked away and went to he side of the bank. It was still within the sight of the teller. Based on the testimony of the teller she saw somebody in the car but could not make out the gender, age nor race of the driver. She just knew that there was actually a driver when the defendant went to the passenger’s side of the car and as soon as the defendant was already in the vehicle immediately drove away.

Based on the findings of a reporter the defendant testified that he indeed had a getaway vehicle anf that he had already contracted the driver to dive for him while he robbed the Manufacturer’s Hanover Bank. He further said that the dirver was fully aware of what was going to happen based on their previous conversation.

This case brings forth again the question of whether a person had committed the same crime even though he was not physically at the actual crime scene. In this case the driver was about 15 feet away from the bank. The court ruled that this also constitutes to actually committing the crime of robbery. The driver was charged with second degree robbery while the defendant with first degree robbery.

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