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New York Courts Discuss the Use of Protection Orders in Abusive Relationships


There a lot of stories out there about men and women who couldn’t get over a relationship. Some just can’t accept the truth that the relationship is over and that their ex-partners are ready to move on. Because of their “non-acceptance” of the truth some or even more are resorting to violent behaviour. These violent behaviours can be really life threatening that extends not only to the victim herself but to her friends, family and acquaintances as well.

Let’s take this case as an example. The victim and the defendant have been in a romantic relationship for years. After the victim ended the relationship some time ago, the defendant contacted her and practically pleaded to meet her and possibly talk; spend some time together. The victim took pity and seeing that it’s perfectly alright to meet agreed to see the defendant. They met on June 15, 2007. After talking, the victim went home and went about her other plans for that evening. She went back to her apartment, freshened up and went down to go out and meet a friend. As the victim was leaving her apartment the defendant who was hiding close by suddenly appeared and confronted the victim. He was agitated and angry with the idea that his ex-girlfriend was going out that night to meet someone else. He was shouting and pacing around and accusing the victim of being a “slut” for going out with other people.

The victim tried to get out of the situation by trying to walk away. Unfortunately the defendant would not let her. Instead he grabbed her hands and twisted it behind her back. The victim was in pain this time as the defendant tried to get her celphone. When he was able to get her phone he dialled the victim’s friend and shouted at him over the receiver saying he and the victim are already engaged to be married and that they are having an intimate sexual relationship at the moment. He did this and dialled the victim’s friend twice. Angry, frustrated and scared, the victim tried harder to free herself. The defendant assaulted her more and even exposed her in front of the public by pulling down her tube top, exposing her naked upper body. After that the defendant grabbed her car keys and drove away. The next morning, he drove back her car and asked her not to report any of what happened the night before. He also promised that it will never happen again. The victim agreed.

After some time another incident of assault and violence occurred, this time the victim was already with her friend having a nice quiet time together when the defendant saw them. It was at the victim’s place of residence and it just so happened that the defendant drove pass by and saw his ex girlfriend together with her friend at the sidewalk. There were a lot of confrontations between the two men. Fortunately the police already arrived before any serious physical violence happened.

The victim asked the court for an order of protection against the defendant as she feared for her safety. The court granted her request and plenty of times this was violated by the defendant. The defendant even tried sending the victim several text messages and even asked his mother to send her text messages asking her not to press charges as this will be bad for the defendant’s record as a police officer.

The victim naturally pressed charges because these things should not go on unpunished. It is very fortunate that there are lawyers like New York attorneys who are always ready to help in these dire situations.

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