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New York Department of Corrections Questions Woman’s Whereabouts in Light of Abuse Allegations


The effect and result of domestic violence extends to so many aspects in a victim’s life. There are even some aspects that you didn’t think will be affected by they are. The pain, trauma and extreme inconvenience of what domestic violence can do to a victim is very alarming. Take this case for example. The victim’s primary source of income, her job in a government agency was compromised that she had to file a court case just to get it back and prove her point. Her residence, which is one of the basic human rights was also affected and deprived from her for quite some time. And probably the most painful of all was that her children were also products of abuse by their father, the victim’s husband.

The victim was hired by the New York Department of Correction in 2000 and was on probationary period for two years based on her contract. When she started work with the Department it was already determined that she and her children were victims of domestic violence and abuse. The victim’s husband who is also the father of her children was a crack and alcohol user and abuser with criminal records as well. The physical assault and emotional trauma that the victim suffered were so intense that she had to be psychologically and psychiatrically treated. She was not performing very well in her job as a result. She was even evaluated as now fit to carry firearms because of all the things that are happening in her life.

She decided then to leave the house where she shared with her husband. She went and filed for leave from work several times so she can scout and look for a suitable place for her and her kids to live in. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful. She was even forced by circumstances to make her car as a temporary place to live for a couple of days. She again asked the Department’s Health Management Division (HMD) time off because of her present situation. HMD granted her request, putting her on immediate and extended sick leave because they determined that she was under a lot of stress. But the HMD also asked for her home address. The victim told HMD that she was homeless at the time and was still trying to look for a home to stay in. But HMD explained that they wouldn’t be able to grant her sick leave unless she provides them with an address. So she was forced to give her husband’s address.

Unfortunately HMD conducted a routinary home visit they were not able to find the victim there. She was then asked to appear at the HMD office to explain of her unauthorized absence from home. He told them again of her situation but still they reiterated that she has to be at the address she provided them during her sick leave. She didn’t have much choice so she tried going home twice during which she was again physically assaulted by her husband. She had no choice but to leave the house on both occasions.

She tried again to look for a place of residence in order to comply with HMD’s requirements. They told her that she will lose her job if she was found to be violating the rules again. Finally, the victim was able to find a more stable place to stay. She checked herself in a facility for abused women. But the thing about this is she cannot give her present address or the address of the facility unless that person will sign a confidentiality agreement with them.

What followed was a series of memos and explanation between the victim and HMD until finally HMD visited the facility where the victim was residing and signed a confidentiality agreement. After this, the victim thought that everything was alright between her and her employer when she received a termination notice from the Department of Corrections. She was stunned by her employer’s move. She had no choice but to file a case against them to get her employment back.

Victims of domestic violence suffer a great deal. Sometimes even their own identity and personality become vague to them. They develop insecurity and a sense of constant fear. That is why the law aims to protect those who are victims of domestic violence. New York lawyers as well as lawyers in states where this type of violence is prevalent are particularly concerned and sensitive to such situations.

Stephen Bilkis and Associates together with their New York Domestic Violence lawyers are always ready to listen and understand your situation. They are prepared to explain your rights and the steps involved in the process of obtaining justice for you and your loved ones.

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