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New York Courts Rule on Custody in Light of Child Abuse Allegations


One of the ugliest truths about domestic violence, separation and divorce is the effect these things have with the children involved. They are often times ignored, their feelings and sense of identity compromised because of the violence happening inside their homes. In a child’s perception, home is supposed to be the safest place for him. That is why if this is compromised by any reason, the child’s sense of security is altered and he becomes sceptical of his surroundings all the time which is not healthy for his emotional and intellectual growth.

This case does not only involve one child but all of the victim and the defendant’s children. Being an adult doesn’t mean you have already overcome the trauma you suffered from living in a house where violence is a daily occurrence. But the thing about this case is that the complaint of domestic violence is not actually the main thing. The main issue that the couple is facing is the custody battle for their youngest daughter. There is also an issue about so called “brainwashing” of the child by the mother. The father is accusing his ex-wife who is also the mother of his children of brainwashing or mind conditioning their youngest daughter against him. As a result, the daughter now doesn’t want to even spend some time with the father. The father claims that this very odd since he and the daughter before had a pretty good relationship before this whole proceeding began.

The court finds this case especially troubling because of the odd behaviour of both the mother and the father. The court, upon lengthy observation has established that the mother can be very controlling of the people around her. She can be very deceitful. She can be manipulating times and her behaviour as well as her actions and opinions are highly regarded by their youngest daughter. The grandmother from the mother’s side also has the same behaviour. There was this one time when during court interview and questioning when the grandmother complained of high blood pressure. This meant the questioning was stopped and delayed for some time. The same reasoning was exhibited by the mother when it was her turned to be questioned by the court.

With this type of behaviour by the father is also affected. The problem is the father doesn’t see the effect of his ex-wife’s behaviour on him. He feels agitated most of the time and left with no choice but to inflict physical harm to his wife thus the case on domestic violence which resulted in the divorce proceedings and custody case.

This particular case was a long and hard fought battle. There were interviews conducted to a lot of witnesses including their friends and religious affiliates. It was a lengthy process that affected the children so much. As much as the court wanted to make it short for the children, determining the right course of action for their own well being is what the law wants to achieve in this process. It is a fact that the parents were able to raise adult children already but it doesn’t mean that what they did in raising them were correct. It is still being determined by the court whether the domestic violence complaint is true of not given the observed behaviour of the mother or the ex-wife.

In confusing times like this especially when the parties involved are the ones who have the real problems and the children are the actual victims, it is a good thing that the law is not compromising anything. It is also best that there are lawyers who are vigilant enough to take study your cases and give you the best advice that they can come up with based on their professional opinions.

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