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Based on Changing Circumstances Court Modifies Current Orders for Spouse


On January 24, 1992 a man and a woman from Ecuador were married in Brooklyn, New York. The husband was seven years younger than his wife. She had one daughter from her previous marriage to this man’s cousin. The cousin died a few years before. The couple had two children of their own. The husband is a business and property owner, the wife was a stay at home mom. She had immigrated to the United States illegally. She would occasionally get jobs doing piece sewing in factories before most of the factories shut down. In May of 2001, the couple separated.

Family Court issued a temporary order of protection demanding that the husband not go near the wife, children, or marital home. The wife cited numerous occasions of domestic violence that have left her with memory problems and limited cognition. She reports that the daily beatings where she was yanked into walls by her hair caused permanent brain damage.

The husband alleged that he was a poor immigrant who only made $300.00 a week driving a car. However, upon investigation, the court discovered that for the past ten years of his marriage, this man has been purchasing property and secreting assets while keeping his wife ignorant and imprisoned at home. At one point, he applied for and obtained green cards for himself and his step daughter while intentionally not obtaining legality for his wife.

He began to date one of his business partners and then engaged in an affair with her. He used this affair to conceal one of the businesses that he owned by putting it in the girlfriend’s name. During this time, he was only paying $40 a week child support for his two children. The pair was separated. The wife brought forth numerous witnesses to testify to the domestic abuse and to the husband’s secreting of assets from the court.

As far as custody of the children, the husband has not had much contact with them at all. In fact, he moved out of the family home and has shown no interest in seeing the children. The wife maintains that the fact that she can now prove that her husband’s income is much greater than $300.00 a week should serve as a substantial change in circumstance and her child support award should be modified. The court agrees and it is so ordered granting her sole ownership of one of the businesses.

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