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Domestic violence and physical assault can result to a lot of other inconveniences other than the fact that your life is already endangered


Domestic violence and physical assault can result to a lot of other inconveniences other than the fact that your life is already endangered. Domestic violence for instance doesn’t just stay inside the house. It goes out to the neighbours and even to the victim’s relatives who live far way. This particular case did not only affect the victim’s physical and emotional state, it also affected her community and her chances of staying in a community wherein she can afford and identify because of her years of stay.

The victim has been residing in her apartment in New York owned and operated by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). Like any other leased or rented residence the NYCHA have guidelines and set of rules to be followed by their tenants. These rules and guidelines have been put into effect to ensure the safety and convenience of all their tenants. The “project” as it is popularly known is a public type of residence having so many tenants at one time. This is the main reason why the NYCHA is very strict in implementing the rules and regulation they had set up especially with regards to violence and public disturbance. Another reason is that since the project is a government subsidized dwelling and therefore affordable for everyone. There is a long waiting list that needs to be considered by NYCHA. Because of the bulk of people residing in the project security is their number one priority. Safety from bad elements and away from violence is the things NYCHA are most sensitive about.

The victim was apparently living in with her boyfriend when the domestic violence happened. It was found out that the situation has been long standing and that there were already many instances that these things happened at the victim’s residence. The NYCHA has filed complaints and proceeding to terminate the contract of the victim as a residence in the projects because of the domestic violence that happened more than once. The victim naturally tried to answer all of charges against her. She also tried to explain her side including an argument as to why she shouldn’t be subjected to the rules and regulations of the NYCHA. There are actually three grounds in which the victim is being evicted for: first, the victim did not obtain permission from NYCHA that her boyfriend will be living with her. Second reason is that her boyfriend had committed violent acts at her apartment and third the victim has refused to remove her boyfriend from the apartment despite the violence and the existing rules of the NYCHA.

The victim said that she should be exempted from the rules because she is a battered woman. But the term “battered woman” has many and deeper implications by law and should be established by the court before a woman can be considered as “battered”. And that has not yet been established by the court in this case at the time the case was filed against the victim. In this case the victim’s request was not granted by the court. Unless she abides by the strict rules and regulations of the NYCHA she and her boyfriend have to vacate the apartment.

Domestic violence is a type of crime that does not only affect one or two people. In this case, the entire neighbourhood was inconvenienced and their safety compromised because of what had happened between the victim and the defendant. That is why cases like these are not easy. It could often times be very complicated.

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