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NY Court Hears Case Where Domestic Violence Ends in Death of Victim


Couple, in wedding ceremonies, usually vow to love and protect each other till death do they part. The classic wedding vow brings into mind a happy and everlasting love of the couple. The wedding vow does not bring into mind a situation where the marriage would end at the death of the wife, caused by her own husband.

In a classic case of domestic violence that led to the death of the victim, an Ecuadorian woman was found strangled to death, wrapped in a blanket and placed inside a futon in her apartment. Her husband reported the death to the authorities.

The husband said he came from work when he discovered his wife’s body. He said he has been trying to contact his wife the whole day from work but his calls were unanswered. He said that when he came home, everything was in order, noting that his wife’s purse was there and nothing seemed missing except his wife and their dog. He began searching for his wife in their apartment when he found her in the back room, inside the futon, already dead.

A police investigator pointed out that the husband’s testimony showed that he was in their house at approximately the time of the murder. The doctors who did the wife’s autopsy noted the limited extent of rigor mortis and estimated that her time of death was between 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. the night before.

The doctors said that the death was caused by choking with a pillow, as shown by the bruises in the wife’s chest, neck, mouth and nose. The doctor also noted that the wife’s bruises in her lips are consistent with the victim having been struck in the mouth. According to the investigation, the wife was killed in the living room and transported over the carpet to the back room.

Evidence presented showed that the husband’s prior acts of violence against his wife, which consisted of beatings on the body and the face, supported the theory that the domestic violence continued and ultimately caused her death. Testimonies from the wife’s friends related that the couple’s marriage was marred with domestic violence. The wife, according to her best friend and manager at her work place, would often appear before them with bruises on her face and body. In fact, sources said the wife suffered a similar beating on the body and the face as a result of an assault committed immediately before her death. Evidence, however, did not show that the victim was sexually assaulted before her death.

Police investigators noted that there was no forced entry and the windows were locked from the inside, which indicates that the perpetrator had access to the apartment. Also, the couple’s dog was curiously absent, or if present, silent, which also indicates that the dog is familiar with the perpetrator.

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